Big Cat's Corner | Leaving a Legacy
Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Big Cat's CornerWhat will your legacy be when you’re finishing up forty years in the workforce, watching your grandchildren grow, or looking back at your years of hard work, limited sleep, and big dreams?

God has a vision for all of us, even though sometimes it’s difficult to see. There is a master plan for everyone, but sometimes other things get in the way, and people never have the chance to see that plan through to the end, or even get started on it.

Naturally, every now and then I look at my career and I hope I have done my best to take advantage of the opportunities I have been given, and that I have the inspiration to move forward with my purpose. As much as I love the game of basketball, I don’t necessary think that it is the beginning and the end of what my legacy is supposed to be.

Big Cat's Corner | Winning... and Misery
Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Big Cat's CornerSometimes “losing” isn’t even a strong enough word to describe the emotions you feel after you have failed to reach a goal. As far as I’m concerned…there’s winning, and then there’s misery.

Yes, misery. It is as horrible and heart-breaking as it sounds. Dramatic…maybe, but I can not and will not ever be able to accept losing. Sometimes it’s unrealistic to expect to win everything all the time…but it is the goal. It is always the goal.

Anyone who has a truly competitive spirit and personal ambition knows that winning is the only acceptable outcome. To win is expected. To lose is a miserable feeling. Haunting even!

Big Cat's Corner | Sports & The Spectacle
Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Big Cat's CornerA friend of mine, when speaking to my father Garth after a recent game, commented on the particularly busy schedule of this NBA season. Back-to-back games, frequent travelling, and a hectic routine as a result. My dad simply replied: “Well, it’s his work!” Regardless of what the circumstances were, he knew that every day I had to wake up… and do my job.

Unfortunately, sometimes there is a thin line between doing your job and returning home (or to a hotel) to rest… and then there’s doing your job, and getting caught up in a spectacle along the way!

If you’re not careful, that spotlight can catch you in the worst way. I’ve had a few mini-predicaments in my past, most of which were definitely exaggerated, falsely reported, or unnecessarily highlighted.

Kya Publishing Supports Jamaal "Big Cat" Magloire's Editorial Debut
Thursday, 05 January 2012
Caribbean Camera CoverSOURCE: Kya Publishing
BY: Stacey Marie Robinson

TORONTO, ONT. (January 2012) - Kya Publishing is proud to support Jamaal Magloire's weekly column "Big Cat's Corner" for The Caribbean Camera newspaper--his editorial debut.

Magloire (nicknamed the "Big Cat" by former teammate P.J. Brown, in tribute to his years as a University of Kentucky "WildCat") is a 12-year veteran of the National Basketball Association (NBA), a Toronto native of Trinidadian heritage, and the first Canadian to play for the Toronto Raptors. He is also a carnival bandleader for the Toronto Revellers .

"The Caribbean Camera readers are a part of my cultural community--and now also my professional community--and the reason why I contribute to this weekly column," said Magloire. "This is my chance to communicate with them and continue to be an ambassador of the city of Toronto and my Caribbean culture."

Founded in 2007 by Toronto author Stacey Marie Robinson, Kya Publishing is committed to the promotion and celebration of urban Canadian writing and culture through literature, and through assisting students, writers, and other professionals with their writing and publishing goals.

"Everyone knows how much Jamaal loves his West Indian community; it's an honour to be able to assist him with his contribution to The Caribbean Camera," said Robinson. "Throughout his career, Jamaal has continued to enhance the community's profile, and has done a great job communicating the story of his experiences as a first-generation Canadian. This is precisely the goal of Kya Publishing: to ensure that these stories are documented in Canadian history."
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